Community Review

Scouting the Future

Cody has been selected by the Wyoming Business Council and University of Wyoming Extension to participate in a Community Review. This is an amazing opportunity for our community to receive expert insight and guidance on creating a locally driven vision for our future.


Some residents of the Cody area will receive a postcard containing the web address to a survey. The survey will give us valuable information about what is important to people in the area. Please fill it out when you receive it.

Join Us!

Our future in Cody is defined by our wants and needs. The review team would like to hear from you! Join us at one of the listening sessions below and answer a few simple questions about your dreams for the future of Cody. You are welcome to attend any session; the topics below are suggestions for each session.

Community Review Schedule

Participating communities receive up to $1,000 to implement a project identified as a need by their review.


REACH agreements about community priorities and economic development opportunities.

SUPPORT future grant applications with an objective, professional assessment of local conditions and opportunities.

IDENTIFY sources of funding for technical assistance and best practices.

IMPROVE community decision making and leadership strategies.

INCREASE the number of residents involved in community organizations and projects.

STRENGTHEN relationships with agencies that provide funding and assistance.