Yellowstone Regional Airport Board


    • 8:00 AM
    • Second Wednesday of every month
    • Airport Board Meeting Room


The Yellowstone Regional Airport Board is made up of seven voting members:

    • Four members appointed by the City of Cody (including one Councilmember)
    • *Three members appointed by Park County

Current Members and Terms

Name Term Began Term Ends
Jack Way January 2017 December 2019
Bucky Hall (Chairmain) January 2017 December 2019
Craig Wilbur (Treasurer) January 2018 December 2020
Dough Johnston (Secretary) January 2018 December 2020
Heidi Rasmussen (Council Liaison) January 2019 December 2021
Jordan Jolley
January 2018 December 2020
Hans Odde (Vice Chairman) January 2016
December 2020


The Yellowstone Regional Airport receives 60% of its operational funding from the City of Cody and 40% from Park County. The Board directly oversees the Airport Executive Director, all budget aspects of the Airport andgeneral plans for the future by providing a means to operate and safely maintain an aviation facility adequate for the needs of the public. For more detailed information, please contact Yellowstone Regional Airport Executive Director Bob Hooper at (307) 587-5096.